Frequently Asked Questions

No. Individuals with special training in the healthcare field, such as sleep center managers and respiratory therapists, or those who are interested in sleep medicine can join.

No. Sleep medicine professionals from anywhere in the world can join and take advantage of our quality educational offerings, even the free ones.

Wisconsin Sleep Society (WSS) was established to serve as the voice of sleep medicine professionals in Wisconsin. We encourage all individuals involved in sleep medicine to join WSS so that we can truly represent sleep medicine throughout Wisconsin and so that we can provide education for sleep professionals. We also work closely with the dental field to increase treatment opportunities to OSA and other sleep patients

WSS holds an annual educational meeting along with its annual general meeting. Attendees will be able to earn CME’s and CEU’s at this meeting.  We are adding a series of monthly and annual virtual live and on demand offerings.

There are two general types of sleep studies, in the lab and at home.

In the Lab: A polysomnogram (or PSG) is a safe, painless test, which can help determine the diagnosis of a sleep problem. During the test patients are monitored by sleep technologists while they sleep in comfortable, private bedrooms. In order to do this, electrodes are placed on the patient’s head, face and body. These leads simply record the electrical activity of their brain and muscles. Other sensors attached to the patient record breathing, and oxygen levels. During the study the information about their sleep is recorded on a computer while the patient is observed remotely with a camera.

At Home: Home Sleep Testing (HST) is available for some patients. Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate test. The HST is done at home. You pick up or are mailed a test kit. You apply a few simple sensors and sleep with it. Some you have to return and some you simply dispose of after it uploads the information to your provider. This test can also be ordered online but a prescription is required.

Wisconsin does not have licensure for polysomnographers. Jurisdictions that have licensure/certification include: California, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee and Washington D.C.